Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Travancore Sewage Tunnel


Urban exploration ends up in sewage tunnels. Stinking so much for the sake of photography.

My friend Joel is anti-google, anti-Facebook and anti-corporate. So I respect his wish not to include his face most of my shots of him in the frame.

Sony A7RIV

Laowa 9mm f5.6 

This is linking Imaging link


  1. Me encanta esta imagen y el momento captado, parece sacado de un sueño ¿8 de noviembre?, saludos y feliz semana.

  2. Una gran imagen la que nos traes hoy.


  3. Maybe the apartments in the background may not be a great place to live if the smell is bad.

    1. depends on the wind, these residents would have to endure seasonal change

  4. That stinks. But the picture is incredible!

  5. Fantastic photo, it has nuances of distorted shapes and subtle colors.
    I like people, like Joel, who are able to be true to themselves and against the majority.
    A hug.

    Fantástica foto, tiene matices de formas distorsionadas y colores sutiles.
    Me gustan las personas, como Joel, capaces de ser fieles a sí mismos y en contra de la mayoría.
    Un abrazo.