Friday, August 10, 2012

Lord of Ring experience?

On the Princess Bridge - south of Flinders station, Melbourne, he is a common sight. The music he played was often masked by the wheels... 

Still he added the colour to my trip to the city every time. :)


  1. What kind of music does he play? Also, I can tell you're a huge fan of fast lenses.

  2. Terrific shot. He looks like he's masked in some kind of clay!

  3. What a find. I love the street musicians in Paris. Beautifully composed and shot James.

    thank you for your visits and kind comments on my blog.

  4. So he is real? I cannot believe he is real the make up is excellent!! Love it!

  5. would love to know what music he was playing on his pipes...very cool elf ears, too! the image you achieved is so sharp and clean.


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