Friday, August 19, 2022

Phillips Island seashore, Victoria, Australia


This was taken during a disappointing adventure to Phillip Island. I was meant to discover a meteor shower at night for the wonder in the night sky. Instead, the thick cloud cover came over my head leaving me in despair. All the effort down the drain that the sky was looking so opaque without colours. Then I set up the gear pointing at the shipwreck in the water. 

Sony A7RIV

FE 70-200mm f2.8 GM

Sea photos


  1. Siempre es gratificante estar al lado del mar. Si no has conseguido fotografiar el cielo, has podido fotografiar ese bello mar. Siempre hay que ser positivo en esta vida.

  2. doesn't always turn out as planned.

  3. Pretty photo. I too am frequently disappointed during night photography outings. Seems like there are so many possibilities for something to go wrong!

  4. It's a nice photo so not in vain after the disappointment. It's of being in the right place and the correct time photography.

  5. Loving the colours! At least you got this :-D