Thursday, April 25, 2024

Hua Lien Beach View for Water H2O Thursday


Hualien is the meeting point of the Central Cross-Island Highway, Suao-Hualien Highway, and highways leading south to Taitung.

Hualien County is home to several world-class scenic attractions. In 1590, Portuguese sailors passed by the eastern coast of Taiwan and were so moved by the grandeur of what they saw that they named this land "Formosa," the beautiful island. Since that time, the majestic views of Hualien have come to represent Taiwan.

Formerly known as Qilai, Hualien's current name derives from the phrase "huilan" (eddying water), a reference to the swirling currents of the Hualien River where it meets the sea.

Hualien is Taiwan's biggest county, with an area of about 4,628 square kilometers and a population of 350,000. The county borders the Pacific Ocean to the east and is hemmed in by the Central Range to the west. With its towering peaks, azure skies, vast seas, scenic valleys, cultural diversity, and friendly kindhearted people, Hualien has become one of Taiwan's first-choice travel destinations for local and international visitors alike.

There are some 200 after quakes after the initial one 1 month ago. I am not planning to go anywhere near the location now.

Sony A7RV

FE 14mm f1.8 GM

Linking Water H2O Thursday

Going to another province for 2 days. No access to Wifi. 


  1. Replies
    1. I often get people asking about the places I took shots of

  2. Let's hope the earthquakes come to an end with no more damage. It is always good to spend some time at the beach.

  3. The combination of blues with the clouds and sand is gorgeous! Stay safe!

  4. Very beautiful indeed. Are you taking one of the newish high speed trains at all?

  5. Beautiful blue in your photograph.
    Many thanks too for the information.
    After all the quakes certainly best to avoid this location.

    Stay safe in your travels.

    All the best Jan

  6. You have captured the extraordinary blue of the sea very beautifully.
    Thanks for the info it's things we haven't heard about Taiwan!
    Have a nice day!

  7. Lovely shot and such a pretty blue of the water too.

  8. Me gusta mucho la suavidad tonal de este paisaje marino.
    Un abrazo.

  9. Excellent things to do--- Have a drink and take snaps. Good trip!

  10. This beach is dazzling. Be careful of big aftershocks.

  11. Una foto con una bonita combinación de azules que la hace espectacular.
    Creo que es acertado esperar a que la tierra acabe de asentarse tras el terremoto.


  12. I'm glad you visited when you did, before it became so touristy. I can see why -- this is absolutely beautiful. that water color is beyond gorgeous!

  13. That is stunning. Did you use a filter or it's like that?

  14. The color of the water is striking, Roentare!

  15. Muy bonita fotografía, el mar es precioso. Besos.