Saturday, July 23, 2022

No 16 Back Beach Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne


Love the spot behind Dragon Head No 16 Rye beach in Mornington Peninsula 

Sony A7RIV 

FE 14mm f1.8 GM

Beach posts

The intense blue is particularly nice in Winter 

Not good for my wet feet

p.s. The spam filter on blogspot is a nightmare. I cannot even comment on other blogs anymore. I even struggle to get inside this blogspot. This reminds why I left Blogspot 5 years ago. PTSD!


  1. Looks good for a back beach....join the clan with blogger, sometimes all is ok, other times not.

    1. Thanks Marg. I just got you out of my spam folder too! A nightmare. Thanks for your kind words!

  2. Wow--- What a wonderful thing to see. And you captured it beautifully. I'm checking my spam filter daily. I moved 4 of my regular friends out of spam just today (yesterday).

    1. Thanks for the visit. The spam filter is crazy lately. I am not even able to comment on my own post even!