Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lady Talbot Drive

Prior to the major bush fire at Marysville Victoria, Lady Talbot drive used  to be a photography safe heaven for me. The place was quiet, ambient and peaceful except some annoying mosquito at times. 

Of course, the creek was no longer there. The place had been turned into an arid rugged landscape with some left over burnt tree trunks.

Now I realised how precious these photographs meant to me ...

They were all shot with stacking of neutral density filters with Pentax k20d. Funny how people criticised this camera so much but I still could get many photographs done with reasonable quality.

I still recalled how my fellow photographer pals call me a bad dud to ruin the natural beauty by over use of neutral density filters. But this is a record of how experimental I was at the time  :)

Typical Australian landscape lighting condition: Terrible green with non reflecting surface of ferns. The high contrast background, awkward orientation of sunlight and the abundance of UV :(