Sunday, January 9, 2011

Japanese Dishes

The images are all taken by Canon 50mm f1.2 L

The last couple of days are characterised by "happy go lucky" sentiment. Strolling the city without a purpose is a bit of fun really.

Joel and I tried out the many gourmet places to indulge ourselves. This dish is described as semi fried tuna abdomen with special sauce. It was very tender to taste melting at the tip of my tongue. Very nice in deed.

Seafood fried udon. It was a substitute for rice to improve satiety. But we really ordered too much...

Asparagus and bacon rolls. Very appetitising in deed. The sauce was too salty in fact. Joel spit out all the fat bits lol.

Good old sashimi to improve the fatty acid intake. There was this "oil" fish that gave us diarrhoea all day afterwards...

A bit of wine to colour the day. What a fulfilling day!