Thursday, December 23, 2010

Macro of a bug

This image is taken by Pentax A 200mm f4 macro

Guess where this shot was taken?

Yes, on the wall of my filthy room. The amazing thing about this bug was that it did not even bother to move while I wag the big camera all over it. I guess I did not have to spray Mortein all over it.

However, I did use 2 flash guns to stun it pretty well. It was captured head on on my camera creating that good impact I liked.

This is less than 5 mm in length and I could not name what this insect was. Thanks to a dull and uneventful Thursday - this shot really made my day. Soon I would say good bye to Pentax system pretty much. Still some gears did make me a little uneasy to let go.

Merry Christmas Everyone :)

p.s. I just read from News Week magazine that 17% of Americans who are unemployed, are no longer looking for work or even looking for part time based jobs.

Quote of the day

Serious sport, according to George Orwell, is a war minus the shootings.