Monday, June 13, 2011

A walk in the city on Queen's birthday day

Photos would speak for themselves I think...

This building was recently made at Federation Square in the name of Earth hour... It looked sooo ugly that I doubt it was that environmentally friendly...

Here we go!

Looks very energy efficent by drawing some artificial lighting.

Now lets celebrate earth hour by using more electricity !!!!

So many people cared about earth hour... errrr...

If you are blinded by eye patches, sure you dont need electricity!

This is how I celebrate my earth hour lol

Yes, cooking is more fun using gas instead of electricity. Green house effect is a good distraction for us.

Damn, I am so ugly!!!

This guy supposed to teach us how to use the funnel and flask to distill coffee ... It turns out some chemical reactions undesirable!

Yeah, C grade class event today in city.

Mmmm I love coffee...

Little Collins St

Lets drink some soup.

Portugese chicken soup - A little too normal...

Smoked bacon pea and zuccini soup

Cafe life is very relaxing...

Long lasting melody

The end