Sunday, December 19, 2010


This image is taken by Canon EF 24mm f1.4 L at f1.4

It is always a challenge to photograph someone who needs to be placed in the most comfortable state. It takes that mutual understanding between subject and photographer as well as the total trust. Yet, it is really about getting a female subject to flirt with the camera.

Hang on, flirt with camera? a metal alloy object?

It sounds like a fetish already. It is just so hard to look into a dark hollow space through a lens. Yet, behind that lens, there is a sensor that allows a million possibilities how the image would be rendered, edited and distributed. So that thought of uncertainty is enough to freak the subject out.

So everytime I heard a friend's friend needing a portrait done. I went, "No thanks. Find someone else who is a womaniser."

My average time to get a satisfactory portrait on a stranger is often requiring a minimum of 30 minute crap shoots. Until the sound of clicking and myself as a photographer becoming less intimidating, the tension in subject's facial muscles would reduce and the atmosphere of the portrait shoot becomes more casual. This is in deed hard work. Yet, trying to find something in common to chat is really a tiresome but important task.

So why is it so daunting to do portrait business for living? It is not just for good looks and visual satisfaction. It is all about social skill exhaustion...

Now my whining session finishes. Heading back to work! Beeeeeeeeeeee !!!!