Thursday, August 9, 2012

Drive passing Foster, Victoria, Australia

On the way driving to Phillips Island, this national symbol was found in the middle of road. Wombat can damage large vehicles easily and it is lucky of me to stop the car in time to prevent another claim with my insurance company. Lucky!

Wombat is native to Australia - short legged and dumb looking animal. It is quadrupedal marsupial specie commonly found in South Eastern Australia. 

Recently on the news, wombat is now classified as pest. Government has given out licenses to cull a few thousand to reduce their numbers in the wilderness. Poor Wombat!

Along the peaceful drive, I spotted this wonderful looking view. The heavenly light in the middle part of this photo makes me stop the car to snap this one. It has that edge for me.

I love old pioneer style cottages. It really feels like going back to the past. 

All shots taken by Pentax 31mm ltd. Damn, I really love this lens.