Friday, May 27, 2011

Rowing Boat

As usual, this tricky fellow took me to this particular E. coli infested Yarra river making an adventure out of paddling a semi-sunken canoe. The freezing temperature of the surrounding did trigger the hybernation reflex in my system. However, listening to him talking about all the hallucinogenic dreams of wise investment in wind power energy does strike me that he could be a likely green party supporter. Despite all these uninvited stimulus on a cold afternoon, this made my day...

The tender brachiradialus muscle released endorphine for my extremely addictive nature. That came unexpectedly.

The wet thigh from osmosis of water deriving from bottom of the canoe gave me that spinothalamic tract seizure. I did feel alive.

The familiar nagging and hassling from an old time friend really made the experience worthwhile.

This picture was a snap look on how I remembered about him from many years ago.

Though you were on the flight back home. Leonid, you are home to my lost soul.