Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Steamed Shark, Lake Entrance, Victoria, Australia

This image is taken by Voigtlander 40mm f2 SL

This is a dish hard to forget. The reason being so unforgettable is the way it is discovered in a tourist coastal town of Victoria - Lake Entrance.

This place is reknown for its estuary exit of a river called Murray. The place is nothing but wattle trees. Yet most of the shop keepers liked to consider me as a Japanese speaking the twisted Japanese to me "O denki Deska?" Whatever. I even treated your regional health director in your regional hospital and stopped generalising me as a tourist!

This dish is sampled locally from the local fish market. Usually shark cannot be steamed for the very reason that it has contained high urea concentration within the flesh. The taste is not really pleasant if not deep fried like the good old time fish n chips.

But this plate of food was one of the best dishes I had in the region. Cost like 39 dollars but it was well worth it. Again, this type of refreshing bright colour can only derive from Voigtlander lens. So much clarity and rich intense colour.

Well, the restaurant had a chef that was originally working in a French restaurant in France. My question to the chef was why the heck he wanted to move to such a coastal town at all?